Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blogging Desk

Tricia Goyer, an author of over two dozen books, does something I love on her blog . Each week she posts, My Writing Desk, it's a post with the picture of another author's writing space. It's so simple, but I absolutely love looking inside the homes at the creative spaces of some women I have come to love!

What have I learned from this? Owning a iMac is key to being a successful author! Ok, less than half of them actually have an Apple product of some sort, but a few do, so it looks like it could be the beginning of a good argument for my husband!

This picture isn't great, but here it is!

  • my Macbook
  • Magic Mouse - best graduation gift! 
  • My ESV Study Bible
  • the DSM-IV-TR, which I am using to study for my licensure exam
  • a desk calendar - that I never use
  • a pen
  • a pink container with stationary materials 
  • a cube with fun colored stationary
  • Sunday School book
In case you're wondering what that huge cage is, it's the crate for my English Mastiff.